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Finding energy contracts for your business is a time consuming process. It’s also quite a stressful process if you don’t know anything about energy.


There are hundreds of different suppliers in the market with a variety of different tariffs, making energy procurement and management even harder for businesses and individuals.


Knowing when to fix an energy contract is vital to achieving the most competitive rates. At JSR Energy, we track energy markets daily to provide you with regular market updates so you can benefit from changes in rates.


In addition, we provide clear cost illustrations from all the major energy suppliers. This gives you the vital information you need to make concise and well-informed decisions when placing a contract


JSR Energy fully understand that every business will have its own unique contract requirements. To meet these needs, we can offer you both Fixed and Flexible Energy Contracts to guarantee the most cost-effective deal.

Why do you need to procure your energy?


Whether you’re part of a large organisation or you run a small business, finding ways to reduce your bills and carbon footprint is very important bottom line.


Energy procurement will help your business to find the very best price for your energy and ensure you’re not paying over the odds for your electricity, gas and water.


If you’d like to find out more about our energy procurement services please get in touch with one of our team on 0113 873 0177 or email us on

JSR Energy Consultancy Procure Energy

Business Energy Tariffs


Business energy tariffs are usually set up for a fixed term of between one and five years, and because all businesses have different gas and electricity requirements, it makes sense to tailor your tariff to meet your specific needs.

Fixed contract


Our fixed business energy plan takes the worry out of future price rises.

No unexpected price rises

Pick the best contract length for you

Fixed prices for up to 4 years

Pay by Direct Debit or cash/cheque

Save 5% surcharge by paying by Direct Debit

Variable contract – Flexible


Our variable business energy plan gives you the freedom and flexibility to switch with just 30 days written notice.

Change suppliers with just 30 days notice

No credit check or deposit needed

If energy prices drop, your bills will go down

Pay by Direct Debit or cash/cheque

Save 5% surcharge by paying by Direct Debit

Fully flexible


Our fully flexible contracts allow you to buy energy in increments, at times that suit you ahead of or during the contract period. Purchases can be made monthly, quarterly, seasonally or combining of all three.

Manage risk and take advantage of market movements and changing conditions

Puts you in control of your buying patterns which can be adapted to reflect your business strategy and performance

Direct access to our trading team to facilitate energy purchases in real time

Our wide range of energy procurement services are only a phone call away, so why wait!