Energy Management

Here at JSR Energy Consultants you get a dedicated experienced account manager to deal with the energy suppliers on your behalf.

JSR Energy will apply their specialist training and experience to sort out any contractual and billing issues and provide excellent services such as cost monitoring and invoice validation.

We act as your in house energy consultants, not just helping you to reduce the amount of energy your business uses, but also drastically reducing your administrative burden. We provide a complete end to end account management service which looks after all of your businesses needs no matter how big or small.


To effectively provide a solution, we first chat with you to discuss your business, your current situation and your future energy needs in order to provide the most effective solution.


Following on from this, we’ll assess and negotiate with over 20 energy suppliers and providers, sourcing the ideal energy deal. This procurement can take anything between a day and seven days, depending on the exact needs of your business. After that, we will make a solid recommendation based not only on current market conditions, but also future requirements of your business.


Once this procurement process has taken place, we will continue to manage your energy during your contract based on what your business needs. That could include anything from legislative and compliance requirements, new meter installations and renewable energy opportunities.


It’s like having your own energy department to deploy as and when it’s necessary.

Our wide range of energy management services are only a phone call away, so why wait!